Sumin Sung

Sumin Sung is an experimental performance artist from South Korea, primarily focusing on exploring humor and irony in her work to establish a connection and redefine a meaning with audiences. Studied at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. 

Object Temple

What if we gather items, once loved but now just faint memories?
Could these faint objects find fresh and clear meaning in someone else's possession? 

We want to join the last journey of your item, filled with the audience’s identity and experiences.
Through this, we want to explore the meaning of reminiscence. These items, now departed from your hands, finally head to a new owner, holding the tales of the past. 

Concept: Collective oil by Sumin Sung and Jae Seo Yook

Director: Sumin Sung

Scenography: Jasmin Molinari

Performers: Sumin Sung and Kirstine Hupfeldt Nielsen