Loretta Lau + The Native American Bare-Wolf

Invisible Extinction

Live Performance, October 2023, Dam Square, Amsterdam

"Invisible Extinction" brings together two artists from opposite ends of the globe: Hong Kong's Loretta Lau and Canadian Native American Performance Artist: The ‘Native American Bare-Wolf’, in a performance set on Amsterdam Dam Square. The location serves as a poignant symbol of cultural erasure and oppression. Lau, using scissors cuts away the Bare-Wolf's clothing, as a reflection of their shared experience of identity loss. Layers of discarded fabric serve as remnants of their heritage. Subsequently, Lau envelops the Bare-Wolf in transparent plastic, illustrating the suffocating restrictions faced by both communities. The Bare-Wolf's immobility serves as a powerful symbol of the loss of freedom. Nevertheless, his strained breath conveys resilience, echoing the shared experiences of identity erosion and constrained freedom.

The Native American Bare-Wolf 

is a Canadian Native American artist who paints, photographs, writes, is a curator and does performance art. Because of the world’s confusion about what an artist really does, he describes himself as an ‘Image and Statement Creator’ as his art is the creation of images that have a message concerning his Native American’s people past and present struggles with the colonial powers. The Bare-Wolf has have over 100 art exhibitions worldwide, over half being one or two person exhibitions and his art is in over a half dozen museums on three continents. There have been numerous articles written about his art practices in magazines, books and in videos. The Bare-Wolf has also done his performance art in several European countries and is booked to do a series of performances in Japan in 2024. Along with his art the Bare-Wolf has earned a BFA, a MA in Cultural Studies and two European PhDs.

Loretta Lau,

hailing from British Hong Kong, is a political artist whose career is a dynam- ic blend of performance, activism, and self-expression. After teaching art for seven years, she relocated to Prague in 2018 to pursue a master's degree. Loretta's powerful performances, like "Letter to My People" and "Memory Eraser," challenge the bound- aries of political and personal identity, gaining international acclaim and media attention. In 2021, she founded the NGO DEI, uniting art and advocacy for Hong Kong culture and human rights. Her work has expanded globally, organizing exhibitions and events across multiple countries.