Jo Blin

Jo Blin is an angry immigrant and a multimedia artist currently based in Prague. Her work takes various forms to explore and obsess about current social & political issues, contemporary human behaviors and the absurdity inherent to her own practice. Often lost in light pre-apocalyptic thoughts, her experiments, images and words go from bold statements to vain protests, unheard prayers, and powerlessness-infused self-portraits. But don’t worry, she’s okay.

Carpet! Carpet! Carpet!

Performed in Prague in October 2022, “Carpet! Carpet! Carpet!” is part of “the Red Carpets”, a series of performances in the public space with a red carpet.

Initially a collection of performative tableaux in which a performer would inhabit the temporary, intimate space framed by the carpet - a bright red rectangle on the pavement - seemingly seeking and rejecting attention at the same time, the Red Carpets explore questions around territorial ownership, borders, and the boundaries between private and public space, privacy and exposure.

In this instance the carpet slowly travels through a tunnel, with laborious, clumsy and vain efforts to bring an illusion of grandeur to the journey. 

Photos by Jan Černy