Chun-Tzu Chang

from Taiwan, lives in Germany.

Chang is an artist whose work primarily focuses on public spaces. She keenly observes the relationship dynamics between individuals and groups within the context of evolving economic structures.

In 2018, she embarked on two film projects centered around the regional design plan for urban development in Berlin. "The Parable" is an experimental photographic film, while in "The Speculation," Chang herself enacts various forms of land speculation in a performance piece. Her work draws inspiration from the philosophical insights of Marx. Through symbolic warnings in her performance, she visualizes how capitalist practices, even within an existing welfare state, contribute to issues such as space shortages and skyrocketing rents.

Since 2019, Chang has been delving into the theme of 'home.' Her exploration encompasses the individual's connection to their homeland and the mechanisms through which governmental agencies manipulate perceptions and identities to foster individual loyalty. Her examination of this theme is rooted in her personal memories, which she contrasts with official narratives and ideals. Chang employs everyday objects, photography, and her own body to shed light on power structures within public spaces.

Die Spekulation

In Berlin, not only are rents increasing, but also property prices. While there are options such as cooperatives and land lease rights to counteract the rental madness, price hikes due to modernization, and gentrification, for most people, the significantly rising rents pose a threat. The right to housing applies to everyone, as people need their homes throughout their entire lives.

I am concerned about the triggers of this situation. In the video, I reconstructed the logic of speculation in a short performance. The daily housework, rolling out, cleaning, and shaking the carpet symbolize the investment process: investing, waiting, and selling for a profit. The Ikea store and Dyson vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, symbolize neoliberalism and gentrification. The amount of scattered gold glitter is proportional to the actual price of the respective property; I converted the square meter price of the land to the size of the carpet.

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